Richland Center, WI:  The Richland Hospital continues to offer COVID-19 testing out of their “Respiratory Illness Evaluation” drive-thru service every day from 8am-5pm for Tier 1 and Tier 2 priorities only.  There is a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant present whenever the drive-thru is open.  These professionals can evaluate all patients symptomatically and offer medical advice, even if patients are not Tier 1 or Tier 2.  In order to conserve testing supplies, Wisconsin established the priority categories Tier 1 and Tier 2 as explained below.

Patients are critically ill and receiving ICU level care with unexplained viral pneumonia or respiratory failure
– OR –
Patients who are residents of long-term care facilities or other high consequence congregate settings (e.g. prisons or jails), with unexplained fever OR signs/symptoms of acute respiratory illness
– OR –
Post-mortem testing for people who died of unknown causes, if COVID-19 testing would influence infection control interventions or inform a public health response.

Hospitalized (non-ICU) patients with unexplained fever AND signs/symptoms of acute respiratory illness
– OR –
Health care workers and first responders with unexplained fever AND signs/symptoms of acute respiratory illness, regardless of hospitalization
– OR –
Essential staff in high consequence congregate setting (e.g. correctional officers) with unexplained fever AND signs/symptoms of acute respiratory illness, regardless of hospitalization.

If an individual tested at the Richland Hospital tests positive for COVID-19, the results are shared with the patient and then given to the Public Health Department in the county they reside.  The Richland Hospital Coronavirus Hotline is available 24 hours/day and patients should call (608) 604-9953 BEFORE coming to the hospital and bring along proper identification and their health insurance card.

The Richland Hospital also offers telemedicine services.  A smart phone or computer with a camera will allow patients to get professional medical advice from trusted local physicians, regarding COVID or ANY OTHER medical condition whatsoever.  For Richland Hospital updates and additional information regarding COVID-19, visit

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