The Round Table Discussion Panel:

  • Moderator; Ron Fruit
  • Public Health Manager / Local Health Officer; Rose Kohout
  • Richland County Sheriff; James Bindl
  • Richland Center Police Chief; Billy Jones

Round Table Discussion is a weekly dialogue from our local officials and key individuals responding to questions about our local response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.



Discussion Topics:

Law Enforcement (County):

  • County perspective — How is this pandemic impacting local law enforcement?
  • County perspective — Several different orders have been given from the Governor’s Office and State Departments, how does the Sheriff enforce these orders?
  • If folks need help from the Sheriff’s Office how do we contact you? Where do I find the orders?

Law Enforcement (City):

  • City perspective — How are law enforcement officers performing their duties during this time of social distancing?
  • City perspective — Aside from health concerns, what types of threats are citizens facing because of this crisis?
  • If folks feel they have encountered a scam, what do they do/ who do they contact?

Public Health:

  • “Who establishes the criteria for who gets tested and who doesn’t?” (The Tier System)
  • “With limited testing capabilities, some symptomatic folks are being asked to self-quarantine without receiving a test; is there an contact investigation initiated for these folks?
  • “Despite the growing numbers of confirmed cases and deaths related to COVID19, their maybe a few members of the public that think this pandemic is a hoax or blown out of proportion, what is the Public Health message in response to these claims?
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