Child Support Agency

Limited Public Access

Office staff will remain available at 647-8663 to provide assistance with all aspects relating to child support matters. Please keep in mind it could take up to 2 business days for a return call.

Amy Hoffman, Director
P.O. Box 541, Richland Center, WI 53581
Telephone: (608) 647-8663
Fax: (608) 647-8291


To ensure that Richland County Child Support Agency can continue operating and to keep business as usual during this time of uncertainty regarding the Covid-19, we are asking that the public keep safety measures in mind and avoid unnecessary visits to the Richland County Child Support Agency.

This agency will conduct business via phone, email, fax, or snail mail. If you feel you still need to meet with a specific staff member or need to speak with someone in person, please call to make an appointment.  The office doors will be locked.

If you need to make a payment, we ask that you use one of the following options, please keep in mind they do charge a fee:

Richland County’s PLC is a002uz

Receive code is 14692

Expert Pay

You may also mail your payment to:

PO Box 74200
Milwaukee WI, 53274

If there is a special circumstance regarding your payment, please call this office and we will figure out a solution.

All hearings will be postponed until the virus is at a low risk level.

**If you have lost employment or have had your hours reduced due to Covid-19, we ask that you contact this agency immediately so we can make note of it.**

Our goal is to help try to limit the number of visitors coming into the Courthouse building. This is to protect the health and safety of our employees and visitors while continuing to provide the highest level of service.

If you have questions, please email or call the department. Applications and forms are located at We have the use of a DROP BOX that is located in the Courthouse parking lot near the ramp that applications and/or forms may be left. We will be checking the box on a daily basis. Make sure the items are clearly labeled that they are for the Richland County Child Support Agency

Thank you for your understanding.


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