Pine Valley Community Village

Doors Locked 24/7

Staff will remain available at 647-2138 to provide assistance.

Tom Rislow, Administrator
25951 Circle View Drive, Richland Center, WI 53581
Telephone: (608) 647-2138



We are all well here! However, we do have important information that we want to share:

DOORS ARE NOW LOCKED 24/7. Access to visit with residents will be allowed only under extreme circumstances, determined on a case by case basis by administration. There are currently NO cases of Covid-19 or any other outbreak in our facility. This restriction on visits is something we have been strongly advised to do, and is being done solely on a precautionary basis, for the protection of our residents.

If needing to enter to make a delivery to a resident, you may come to the front entrance and lift the handset on the phone on the left hand wall, and it will automatically call the staff phone. You can let the staff know who you are dropping items off for and they will pick them up and distribute it.

To make arrangements to video chat with a resident, please call the facility and speak with:

  • Activity Director – Mallory Winchel
  • Social Services – Ryan Elliot or Jennifer Ewing
  • CBRF Manager – Jamie Ludwig

Tom Rislow, Administrator

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