The Round Table Discussion Panel:

  • Moderator; Ron Fruit
  • Public Health Manager / Local Health Officer; Rose Kohout
  • Health and Human Services Director; Tracy Thorsen
  • County Administrator; Clint Langreck

Round Table Discussion is a weekly dialogue from our local officials and key individuals responding to questions about our local response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.


Discussion Topics:

Public Health:

  • Public concerns of fellow citizens outside. “Is this a public health threat?”
  • Public concerns of seeing families/groups at the store, “Is this a public health threat?”
  • Public concern of wearing masks . “Is it necessary to wear a mask when I’m out”?
  • Resources

Health and social impacts of distancing:

  • Stress / Mental Health “How is this distancing impacting people”?
  • Feel leery of people carrying and critical of people whom we think are not following guidance: perspective
  • Resources

What is the County doing:

  • Continued Services
  • Employees on the front lines
  • Positive feedback
  • Resources
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